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Texas After School Program for Middle and High School Girls

May 8, 2024 4:30pm-5:30pm CST
Virtual event (based in Texas - Central Time Zone)

The Texas Center on Education organizes an after school program for girls in STEM for middle/high school girls across multiple schools. The program meets every Wednesday but AstraFemina only engages once per month (usually on the first Wednesday of the month, but there are some exceptions). You are asked to share your STEM journey or talk about something that you have worked on. The goal is to expose the girls to women who work in STEM fields and be able to ask questions. All of the schools will be tied in virtually and after your presentation will rotate through asking questions.

Request that you be available 15 minutes early for a technology check.

For spring 2024, only two school districts will be the same as the previous year, so repeat volunteers are very welcome! You can also focus on a different part of your career if you like.

NOTE: Event cancelled